Brow Artistry

BROW ARTISTRY is a unique method of Brow Shaping, Where mapping technique is used to create facial symmetry by defining the brows to get the perfect shape for the Individual.

A Brow Artistry treatment consists of:
▪️Individualised Brow Mapping
▪️Waxing to remove hairs & shape the brows
▪️Either Bronsun Brow Dye or Tint to give colour to the Brow hairs and also skin stain to define the shape.


Brow Artistry with Bronsun Brow Dye | 40min | $69

Bronsun Dye is a hybrid colour that gives a satin to the skin similar to Henna but gives a longer colour to the hairs.   Bronson gives a crisp skin stain finish to make the brows look fuller and bolder and fill in any gaps that may be missing. The skin stain can last up to 7days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair. This colour is tailored to the individual. 

Brow Artistry with Tint | 25min | $49

A Traditional Brow Tint 'tints' the hair and colours it for up to 4 weeks.  The Tint helps show the true shape of the mapped brows and makes the finer hairs more visible.  This is a great option for those wanting  'on point'  brows that are mapped and coloured but without the boldness of the Bronson dye.  

 Below shows Brow Artistry with Bronsun Brow Dye:


Below shows Brow Artistry with Traditional Tint :